The T2 tablet revolutionizes hospitality and retail operations at Seamless Africa 2023

Media12 Sep 2023

Johannesburg | South Africa

Envision a future where the intricate orchestration of hotel and restaurant bookings, coupled with seamless payments, is managed effortlessly through a solitary tablet. This visionary reality is now within grasp, courtesy of Wiseasy and AddPay’s avant-garde Android devices. Prepare to embark on a journey where complexity yields to simplicity, and multifaceted operations are elegantly streamlined.

The arrival of the groundbreaking T2 tablet heralds a new era of operational efficiency for hotels, restaurants, and retailers alike. This remarkable device represents an end-to-end payment solution encapsulated within an all-encompassing Android tablet, destined to redefine industry standards.

Wiseasy and AddPay’s Android devices have long been synonymous with the provision of an integrated platform catering to the distinctive needs of the hospitality and retail sectors. Their hallmark lies in their unparalleled customizability, granting clients the prerogative to curate functionalities in accordance with their unique requisites.

The Unveiling of the T2 Tablet: A Triumph of Innovation

The T2 tablet stands fortified by a triumvirate of robust platforms – Paycloud, TMS, and Wiseboss. Paycloud, in conjunction with the Wiseboss application, introduces real-time transactional reporting capabilities, bestowing upon merchants the ability to monitor transactions as they unfold. The Terminal Management System (TMS) is the cornerstone of Android’s distinctiveness, enabling remote diagnostics and prompt rectifications, ensuring seamless device performance.

This device platform-as-a-service paradigm endows Android devices with the capacity to host a myriad of solutions within a singular domain. These encompass an extensive array of payment methods, point-of-sale (POS) software, digital wallets, and an eclectic assortment of value-added services (VAS), ranging from airtime, data, electricity, and gaming, to various bill settlements.

The T2 tablet serves as a convergence point for a plethora of payment channels, encompassing agency banking, EFTs, card payments, online transactions, recurring card or debit orders, and payment links. Additionally, it offers versatility through QR Codes, personal loans, and layby options. Integrated point-of-sale software enhances inventory control, product management, and furnishes invaluable sales data.

The T2 tablet leverages the versatility of Android to deliver an array of additional utilities. These include self-onboarding, biometric authentication, cloud integration, and remote diagnostics. The web-based onboarding process, a mere 30-minute endeavour, embodies simplicity. The ‘remote support’ feature stands as a hallmark of expeditious, user-friendly, and efficient service, available in seven South African languages. The tablet accommodates an extensive repertoire of easily installable applications, further enriching its functionality.

Within the realm of the hospitality industry, the integrated Android solution emerges as the epitome of ingenuity, offering unprecedented operational excellence.

In addition to seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, the T2 tablet boasts the capability to accommodate two SIM cards, ensuring transactional continuity even in the face of power outages.

Early in 2023, Wiseasy and AddPay unveiled the Wise Hub, an innovative platform facilitating seamless integration with virtually any cloud-based software through open APIs. This groundbreaking development ensures legacy Windows systems harmoniously coexist with agile Android handheld devices.

The Grand Unveiling at Seamless Africa

The T2 tablet is poised to take centre stage at the esteemed Seamless Africa fintech event, scheduled at the Sandton Convention Centre on September 19 and 20, 2023. Be sure to visit us at stand B17, and prepare to embark on a journey of technological innovation.

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