Addpay and Wiseasy Unveil Game-Changing Android Payment Solutions

Media25 Sep 2023

Johannesburg | South Africa

In a pivotal moment that heralds a transformative era for African fintech, cutting-edge Android payment devices are reshaping the paradigm of in-store and forecourt transactions. These technologically advanced devices, meticulously crafted and supplied by Wiseasy, bear the AddPay brand, setting a sensory benchmark when compared to the prevailing, mundane grey digital screens found in most commercial establishments.

AddPay, in collaboration with Wiseasy, is not merely introducing payment terminals; they are presenting powerful platforms and solutions, that empower our valued clients to tailor these devices to their exacting specifications. The potentialities are boundless. While core functions include card acceptance, these devices unlock a realm of opportunities through the Playstore.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses can seamlessly integrate an array of point-of-sale applications from our esteemed partners, thereby revolutionizing inventory management and business operations. With the adoption of one of these devices, the prospect of managing an entire shop becomes a tangible reality. Moreover, forward-thinking retailers are harnessing these devices to offer value-added services (VAS) such as airtime, data, and electricity, thus elevating customer service standards while generating supplementary revenue streams.

Transact via Wi-Fi or dual SIM cards

A standout characteristic of AddPay’s & Wiseasy’s Android devices is their innate capability to transact via Wi-Fi or dual SIM cards, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity and abolishing the perennial “poor signal” predicament. These devices usher in a myriad of advantages for enterprises, including:

1. The New T2 Device: Designed and produced by Wiseasy, the elegant and featherweight (250g) EMV tablet, known as the T2, is a game-changer for card-present payments, boasting a state-of-the-art ‘tap-on-glass’ feature. Its expansive screen and swivel stand augment the user experience, making it one of the most advanced devices available across the African landscape. The official unveiling of the T2 device is scheduled for Booth B17 during Seamless Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre on September 19 and 20, 2023.

2. Integrated Android Solution for Hospitality: AddPay’s Android-based solutions for restaurants streamline operations, obviating the need for manual order entry and payment processing by waitstaff. All devices within the restaurant ecosystem are interlinked, providing real-time updates on orders and enabling any server to attend to any table. Payments are processed instantaneously, substantially enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

3. Remote Repairs: AddPay’s Android devices offer the convenience of remote troubleshooting and maintenance through a sophisticated Terminal Management System (TMS). Skilled technicians can promptly address issues without necessitating on-site visits, thereby minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless card payment acceptance. The TMS additionally facilitates remote software updates and geolocation tracking, thereby fortifying security and device management.

“We have successfully implemented public cloud sites in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and various other regions. Our implementation model has enabled rapid and efficient deployment of services, guaranteeing client access from any corner of the globe,” asserts Yiannos Papadopoulos, Global Sales, Marketing & Customer Engineering VP.

Here are further compelling reasons to embrace this transformative paradigm:

Unified Payment Platform: Wiseasy’s PayCloud platform allows enterprises to consolidate payments from disparate sources into a cohesive, centralized platform.

Single POS Software for Omnichannel Commerce: Streamline operations by adopting a unified software platform for all sales, irrespective of their origin, whether online or offline.

Biometric Authentication for Fraud Prevention: Fortify security and prevent fraudulent activities by incorporating biometric authentication into the payment process.

Smart Hotel Solution: Simplify hotel check-in and payment processes with Wiseasy’s Smart Hotel Solution, empowering guests to utilize their mobile devices as room keys.

Seamless Integration Across Software Ecosystems: Wiseasy’s Wise Hub facilitates seamless integration between Android devices and a spectrum of software systems, spanning legacy platforms to contemporary cloud-based software.

For comprehensive insights into AddPay’s & Wiseasy’s pioneering Android solutions in the African market, kindly contact at or visit Booth B17 at Seamless Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre on September 19 and 20, 2023.

Source: Fintech Africa

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