Wiseasy launches its latest payment innovation suite at Seamless Middle East 2024

Company07 Jun 2024


June 7, 2024, DubaiWiseasy, a Singaporean tech startup, sets the stage as an innovator in payments by captivating audiences at Seamless Middle East 2024 in Dubai, with the launch of next-generation products and solutions that chart a course towards greater efficiency and accessibility.

The highly anticipated launch event saw Wiseasy's CEO Yan Li introduce a cutting-edge suite of products and solutions. Joining Li on stage were Tilahun Temotewos, Senior CIO of Awash Bank International, Cherinet G. Giorgis, General Manager of Alta Computec, Jorge Ribeiro, CEO of Gertec, and Konstantinos Asimakopoulos, VP of Payment Services of Oxinus Holdings, showcasing powerful partnerships committed to advancing technological frontiers.

“Real-time payments eliminate payment friction, inject greater liquidity into the system, and promote economic growth and financial inclusion. Yet, their full potential can only be realised when banks transcend traditional standalone systems, said Mayank Raheja, Wiseasy's Managing Director for EMEA & South Africa.

In addition to his vision, he said, “With real-time payment schemes now operational in every GCC member state, local banks are at a pivotal juncture where they must harness technological evolution as the catalyst for innovation. The path to innovation lies in modernising and future-proofing their infrastructure, enabling them to fully leverage the potential of real-time payments.”

A game-changer in the market

“Seamless Middle East has truly been a game-changer for us, serving as an invaluable platform to connect with our target audience at trade shows. Unveiling our re-branding was a significant move for us this year, and Seamless is a platform that allowed us to expand on that with the most recent product unveilings,” Isabella Ruskin, Wiseasy's Global Director of PR and Branding, highlights Seamless Middle East's effectiveness, citing Wiseasy's success in Seamless shows around the world.

Seamless Middle East is one of the largest events dedicated to the advancement of digital commerce in the Middle East region. Several insightful topics surfaced during conversations at the event, including next-generation payments, global financial inclusion, and API integration. Wiseasy unveiled four key products at the event, namely the E1 Lite, P5SE, WiseQ QR Payment Solution and the enhanced T2.

The '1' solution for all your checkout needs: Wiseasy E1 Lite

A sleek, powerful point-of-sale solution designed to revolutionise business operations. Featuring a robust quad-core processor, it guarantees swift performance for all tasks. With its high-capacity battery, the E1 Lite ensures uninterrupted service throughout long, busy days, while its expansive touchscreen provides a clear view of transactions and product lists. The enhanced high-speed printer delivers receipts at an impressive speed, keeping lines moving and customers satisfied. With smart NFC antenna placement for effortless contactless payments and an innovative secondary display for transparent transaction visibility, the E1 Lite elevates customer confidence and engagement, setting a new standard for efficiency and trust in point-of-sale technology.

Speed and efficiency redefined: Wiseasy P5SE

This advanced POS system boasts a robust quad-core processor, ensuring swift and reliable performance for seamless operations. Navigating payments is a breeze thanks to the P5SE's large and ultra-responsive colour touchscreen. It's designed to streamline workflows, enabling staff to serve customers with speed and precision. The P5SE stays ahead of the curve by offering a convenient antenna located at the front top of the device for contactless payments. The high-speed printer is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance efficiency. Equipped with a powerful high-voltage battery, trust that the P5SE will remain operational throughout the day without any interruptions.

Reshaping the future of QR payments: WiseQ QR Payment Solution

WiseQ is Wiseasy's flagship end-to-end QR payment solution, which won an award in the Singapore Business Review National Business Awards. It garnered recognition for its significant role in fraud prevention, and goes beyond functionality to champion a greater cause - the social purpose of promoting financial inclusion. WiseQ offers an innovative and practical solution for developing countries to establish digital payment networks at low costs. Through instant payment voice alerts and enhanced security features such as secure tokens, WiseQ enables merchants to verify transactions seamlessly and mitigate fraud risks effectively. Notably, Mastercard's 2021 New Payments Index revealed that 55% of consumers in the MENA region anticipate increased QR code usage, citing their convenience for in-person transactions. Moreover, they highlighted QR codes’ potential to reduce payment acceptance costs and enhance financial inclusivity.

With regards to the recent launch of WiseQ, Jorge Ribeiro, CEO of Gertec, also commented that the portability of the latest QR payment soundbox, the Wiseasy QS5M, makes it a smart solution with the potential to succeed in the future.

Streamlined transactions with upgraded performance: Enhanced Wiseasy T2

The enhanced Wiseasy T2 boasts a 35% performance boost over its predecessor. Equipped with a new magnetic stripe reader and advanced suction design for improved stability, the enhanced T2 redefines efficiency and reliability in transaction processing. Beyond its stellar performance, the T2 prioritises security and convenience with integrated fingerprint recognition on the power button, offering seamless device unlocking and app access with just a biometric touch. Furthermore, its integrated inventory management system simplifies tracking and stocking, while customisable features such as order tracking and table management ensure tailored solutions for every business need. With its unique 'Tap-on-screen' NFC function, the T2 streamlines contactless payments, making it the ultimate choice for unattended payment scenarios.

Joining Wiseasy in the unveiling of the Wiseasy Enhanced T2, Konstantinos Asimakopoulos from Oxinus Holdings shared his perspective on how this enhanced version would immediately boost business operations in the Middle East. “Knowing what currently exists in the market, I think this is a groundbreaking device for many reasons. First is portability – you can just take it off the case [and bring it] around... It's a payment device, it's not just any ordinary tablet that you could get, which means that you can do anything and everything [for] your business with this device.”

Asimakopoulos added, “What excites me, coming from the payments space especially, is that the NFC [reader] is on the front of the device which allows you to show the customer what they're paying for and they can just tap, and not fiddle around [at] the back to try and find the device. Also, the flexibility that it gives merchants to [bring] these devices, serve customers, go back and have everything in cashier mode again on your desk – this is amazing. Congratulations, I think this is a device that will make waves in the market!”

Payment innovation for the future of seamless transactions

“In this electronic payments industry, amidst fast-moving technology, Wiseasy helms several technological innovations with higher efficiency and coverage of payment networks. For instance, we create new terminals to integrate payments with ordering systems, improving security and efficiency, and lowering costs of payment networks. We also grant more people access to payment technology by reducing barriers to entry,” said Yan Li, CEO of Wiseasy, about his journey with Wiseasy.

“At Seamless Middle East 2024, Wiseasy achieved more than just a successful launch; we celebrated a milestone in our journey towards redefining the future of payments. Our ambitions are bold, driven by a shared vision of harnessing technology to not only meet but exceed expectations. Together, we will continue to innovate, transform, and pave the way for a more connected and empowered world,” he added, thanking customers and partners for their unwavering support.

With the launch of this payment innovation suite, Wiseasy reaffirms its commitment to driving the evolution of payment technology. By pushing the boundaries of innovation and reimagining the possibilities of payment solutions, Wiseasy is set to shape the future of fintech and empower businesses and consumers alike. As the world navigates towards a future of seamless transactions, Wiseasy strives to innovate towards a more connected and efficient financial ecosystem.


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