Nilson Report Featured Wiseasy T2 in Its Latest Issue

Company02 Aug 2023

Singapore | Singapore

Recently, Wiseasy T2, an EMV Android Tablet born to unlock the full potential of the tablet in the commerce domain, is honored to be included in the latest issue of Nilson Report. It is the company’s second product introduced by Nilson Report.

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The Nilson Report, in its 52nd year of publication, is the most respected source of news and analysis of the global card and mobile payment industry. Its coverage signifies Wiseasy’s products have gained increasing attention and recognition in the international market.

Given that the tablet has been widely used for work and play for its ease of use and portability, Wiseasy as an innovation-driven company has been pondering what if it can accept payments. On the basis of this concept, Wiseasy T2 is purpose-built to unlock the full potential of tablets with payment capability. Being an EMV Android Tablet, it powers the deep integration of vertical applications and payments.

Advantages of Wiseasy T2

– Less hardware, lower cost
A typical POS system usually comprises an internet-connected device, a card reader, a barcode scanner and a display screen to show sales details to customers. It’s an expensive hardware setup and means high upfront investment for merchants. Wiseasy T2 is an all-in-one device that integrates the functions of all these hardware, and allows businesses to become more efficient and even run their entire operations from one device.

– A variety of accessories for diverse scenarios
Wiseasy T2 comes with a variety of accessories designed for tabletop self-service, wall-mount unattended service, smart pinpad, vending and swivel-mount uses. It is a truly versatile solution within the POS market.

– Mobilize business for more possibilities
Flow and flexibility is becoming increasingly crucial for modern businesses. With thickness of 12.3mm and 635g weight, Wiseasy T2 slim enough among payment tablets for tableside service or other scenarios where great mobility is necessary. It can help the associates of a business step out behind the cash register to provide one-to-one service and more comfortable checkout experience for customers, which can simply elevate customer satisfaction and sales conversions.

– Not just point of sale, also point of interaction
Wiseasy T2 is not just a point of sale, but also a point of interaction which can help elevate the customers’ whole consumption experience. As an added perk, it’ll be much easier for businesses to collect customers’ feedback promptly and keep ahead of the game with this device.

– A sleek, slender tablet can help build a high-end store image
The counter can be more tidy if there’s no complex hardware setup and tangled wires. For high-end stores, Wiseasy T2 can work as a smart pinpad to offer a better interaction experience for customers.

With all these advantages Wiseasy T2 will elevate in-store experience to a new level and bring its superiority into full play in commerce domain. To learn more about the features and specifications of Wiseasy T2, please visit its web page.

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