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ToB & ToC how to do brand marketing?

by Tian Tian
PR manager

December 3, 2021

When you ask a PR practitioner how to do a PR for a brand, the first thing they will ask is whether the brand is toB or toC.

Why is there a premise? This is because toB and toC are very different from each other in terms of products, operations and markets. Today, as a PR person who has worked in the PR industry for several years, let me briefly introduce how toB and toC do brand marketing in enterprises.

The full name of the toB is To Business that is to the merchant (generally refers to the enterprise) product.

The full name of the toC is To Customer that is, the product to the consumer (generally refers to the user).

ToC users are individuals and toB users are groups. Based on the different audience, it also involves the difference between individual decision and group decision.

First let’s talk about how to do toB brand marketing.

When it comes to brand communication, toB practitioners often respond: do toB need to do communication? Can we just sell more? Yes, the purpose of business existence is to create customers, retain customers, and earn benefits. Among them, the role of brands is to help companies continue to make money.

Every business owners wants to keep customers and make them loyal users. This requires the use of brands to build relationships with customers, so that customers have trust in you, produce preferences, generate identity, believe that your brand represents his image, attitude and lifestyle, so that you can continue to make money from him. so even toB, we need to do brand marketing.

How to do toB brand marketing?

In Influence, Theo-Dini mentions the psychological factors of user preferences: reciprocity, scarcity, social identity, commitment, agreement, authority, preference.

Back to the beginning, toB users are groups, and group decisions are often calm and thorough. So for the brand marketing of toB enterprises, we must be more rational than perceptual, to stand on a higher dimension to think about the main points of brand construction and construction center, and not only pursue the C end of influence model. So I summarized several marketing directions:

  1. Linkage third party, brand exposure 1+1>2

If you feel your voice is inadequate, the best way to do this is to join a third party. First of all, both flow resources, brand effect, topic is no longer just a simple 1+1. Formally, based on toB product features, we can choose blue V interaction, or offline forums, summits.

  1. Industry reports and white papers to establish brand authority

Industry reports and white papers should be the first choice for many toB companies. High-quality reports and white papers will spontaneously attract media interpretation, resulting in a social-wide discussion of topics that will double if offline activities can be linked. Of course, the quality of the report and white paper is to issue a report, white paper to do, in the selection of partners, also need to take into account his industry influence and authority

  1. Establish close ties with industry vertical media

At the time of popularity, toB enterprises do not need to cover the entire network, the most important thing is to dig deep in this industry. Based on this, we can establish cooperation with vertical media in the industry, including but not limited to advertising, participating in media events, speaking to the media, and participating in the media list evaluation.

Besides, there are SEO optimization, awards, association, participation in various industry salons, advertising… and other traditional marketing methods I will not repeat here.

Next, we briefly talk about the brand marketing of toc enterprises.

When it is toB like planting trees, the process is long, the income is high, then the ToC market is like planting vegetables, quick results, short-term harvest. ToC emphasis on personal decision-making is perceptual, as long as do a good job to the market mass market brand publicity, such as brand stories, event marketing, can complete the vast majority of brand building core actions.

For example, flower brand roseonly, the customer group is mainly lovers, young women. Then they can build year-round marketing calendars based on audience goals and find the time nodes most relevant to the target customer group. In addition to regular holiday marketing, what I have been most exposed to in PR companies before is event marketing. There are many forms of event marketing, a high-quality event marketing will be of great help to brand exposure and reputation, for the growth of brand fans may bring exponential promotion.

Finally, fan activities. As the fan economy continues to grow, ToC companies will seek spokesmen to quickly increase their brand awareness. However, the fans brought by spokesmen are easy to lose with the adjustment of cooperation, now more brands will go to cultivate their fans, this situation is more in the digital industry, such as apple’s “fruit fan”, Huawei fan, and so on; as long as their fan groups run well, they can be used as water in various platforms to promote the brand.

Wu sheng once said in his book Scene Revolution: although there are different marketing methods, toB and toC are not different in nature, because they are for people to use. Therefore, no matter 2B product or 2C product, good experience is needed, because no one wants to use a product that is difficult to use and affects efficiency. I strongly agree with this statement, “product” is always the core of the brand, and brand marketing is the best way to occupy the minds of users. As a toB enterprise, how to make a brand with high recognition is what we always need to strive for!