6-8 months process guaranteed (Initial Design to Mass Production)

PCI, PTS/EMV certifications and more

R & D team with 120 professionals

Red Dot & IF Award-winning design team

Deep Android OS ROM customization

Cloud Platform design

Manufacturing Capability: 1,500K POS terminals per month

Product Category

Research & Development

With 120 professionals in its R & D team, Wiseasy can provide clients with a one-stop customization service ranging from hardware design to software development, with a 6-8 months R&D duration guaranteed (from Initial Design to EVT Mass Production). The team consists of German Red dot design award-winning and IF certified project designers.

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Quality Control

From project initiation to development, testing, and production, Wiseasy issues strict quality control in every step.

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Manufacturing Capability

With an area of over 64000 square meters, 30 SMT production lines, and advanced manufacturing equipment, Wiseasy’s factory makes it possible to produce 1,500K POS terminals per month while providing comprehensive support for ODM and offering high-quality yet cost-efficient production services.

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24/7 online technical support team at your fingertips

With support centers in China, Morocco, France, the United States and other locations, our support technicians offer help in English and many more to help clients manage and control remotely in real time.