One step forward to digital banking – Wiseasy’s latest concept film launched

Beijing | China

This week, Wiseasy has launched its latest concept film on digital banking. The video advertisement first shows how digital banking and payment is gaining great momentum, then moves on to share the company vision – financial inclusion, with its audience.


As one of the leading global digital banking and payment builders, Wiseasy has always kept financial inclusion and innovation at its core. Realizing digitalization is a huge trend on the rise in the digital sector, Wiseasy has spent a great amount of time and energy in the research and development of digital banking technology. In 2020, Wiseasy has successfully expanded its product and service range to include digital banking solutions like Wiseasy Wallet (a cloud-based mobile wallet), Wiseasy Agency Banking (a digital banking solution that offers services such as deposit and withdrawal), and Wiseasy Acquiring System (a mobile payment solution).

Wiseasy believes that digital banking is bringing fundamental changes to people’s lifestyles. The path of digital banking initiates with payment services that connect consumers with agents, then onto platform-based lifestyle services that aims to bridge merchants with industry partners, and finally ends with finance services that connect financial institutions. Wiseasy has always been on the forefront of the trend. In the near future, people will have the access to enjoy financial services anywhere, anytime.

The three products and services indicate a great leap forward, and is a milestone in the company’s history. With the surge in digitalization giving people’s way of banking a complete make-over, Wiseasy will continue to create, innovate and promote digital banking with its partners via hardware, software, to cloud services to build a cashless society.

Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/3rbgGSKFx80