Exclusive Interview with Ma Guowei, Vice President of Wiseasy: the era of commercial terminals only loaded with intelligent and functional systems is over!

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“Intelligent terminal products will emerge in people’s lives just like mushrooms after rain. With the arrival of the Internet of Things era, all areas of everyday life are rapidly developing capacities using the Internet of Things. In the payments industry, Amazon has launched an unmanned retail store called “Amazon Go”. By using computer vision and machine learning algorithm technologies, the “Amazon Go” tracks shoppers and charges fees based on the customer’s selected goods. This totally eliminates the need for a cashier. Future trends for payments will involve the liberation of manpower, intelligent control and changing personal experience. In this area, we should ask how we can combine domestic future payment experiences and AI to deliver next-generation change.”
The reporter of AsiaOTT visited the Wiseasy headquarters and interviewed Ma Guowei, the co-founder and Vice President of Wiseasy. Ma Guowei predicted that “in the future, people will experience significant changes in their lives every five years!” He also expressed the view that “2018 will be the first year of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for business payment terminals.”

§ 2018 – the AI year of business payment terminal

Ma Guowei indicated that 2018 will be the year of the AI business payment terminal. “After 2018, business payment terminals will be divided into those with an AI-mounted mode and those without AI capabilities. The era of commercial terminals solely loaded with intelligent and functional systems is over. A payment terminal that has no AI ability will be caught in the dead zone of a price war. And for the terminals with intelligent operating systems but no operational ability and service value, these will eventually be eliminated”.

AI, security and service ability will become the three important opportunities in the future terminal payment market.

Ma Guowei considers that these three opportunities need to be dealt with in order to seize the market for AI business payment terminals.

1. Since 2015, the payment system has been gradually moving toward full coverage of intelligent terminals into the market. Going forward, AI will have a new focus, allowing us to achieve innovative technologies and industry rebuilding utilizing AI technology.

2. Security becomes more important. The intelligent POS has achieved rapid development in the past two years and not only in the context of the mobile commerce market. It faces new challenges to increase security capabilities in continuously expanding application contexts. Real security on intelligent devices and Internet will be impossible with achieving the following: organic integration of security chip and intelligent chip abilities, reduction in use of the special operating system of Android financial equipment, strict controls over APP installation and permissions on devices, and supply of continuous dynamic services or upgraded security packages.

3. Operation service ability is fundamental. Product manufacturers of ecological payment systems should provide merchants with more value in terms of both market demand and profit angle. We should not only aim at promoting products but learn how to operate. Specifically, we shall increase more individual software and online configuration & services on the basis of providing standardized hardware. In summary, operation service will be fundamental in the future. This is the biggest difference in business modes between the mobile Internet of Things and industrial age.

§ Seizing the first opportunities in this new era, Wiseasy has launched the first AI service terminal in the industry, called “WISEYE “.

With the development of the AI technology from “enabling intelligence” into “augmented intelligence” thus achieving “autonomous intelligence”, this will gradually begin to influence GDP. According to Ma Guowei, AI will bring increase GDP by 2.9%-4.0% by 2025. The application of AI in commercial fields will become the new technological driving force leading economic growth. WISEYE”, released by Wiseasy in March 2018, is the first AI service terminal in the industry with face recognition and voice interaction abilities. 

“WISEYE” can access different divisions according to customer’s demand, enabling the customer to expand their capabilities. Provided there are no restrictions, the “WISEYE” AI intelligent terminal can be connected with payment merchants, software merchants and entity merchants, achieving open capability with zero invasion.

§ WISEASY MINI2: a professional handheld cloud terminal for retail and logistics divisions 

W-MI2 is configured with professional code-scanning modules and has excellent code-scanning and image recognition functions. It not only clearly identifies bar codes with highly reflective surfaces, but also identifies some damaged or oil-stained bar codes. The quick code-scanning button starts the code-scanning function quickly, decreasing waiting time. The 30° code-scanning tilted design allows you to see the screen content clearly in any situation.

The product has been designed to be water resistant, drop resistant and dust resistant. The product shell is made of aluminum alloy and high-quality PC which act as a hard shield to avoid damage caused by scraping, collisions and dropping. It is capable of bearing the impact of being dropped on a cement floor from a height of 1.5m.

With the high-pass Snapdragon processor as the “core” of W-MI2, its power consumption and strong calculation power reduce the heat of the terminal, giving it long endurance. The W-MI2 also has an omni-channel charging ability and is compatible with encrypted magnetic stripe cards, financial IC cards, NFC, BLE, sound waves, QR code scanning and other various payment modes. Through this, the terminal integrates online and offline payments, which releases staff and improves the payment experience for customers.

§ WISENET5: Cloud terminal tailored specific to the small & micro enterprises in catering and retail industries.

It has the following advantages:

1) All delivery order forms are integrated via one button to improve order-receiving management efficiency for merchants. As a result, artificial orders are not transferred between multiple platforms.

2) Merchants receive assistance to build improved member management systems and help with establishing the rights and interests of members. This promotes increased consumption from regular customers as they receive diversified member rights & interests.

3) W-NET5 can generate amalgamated analysis of business data which can be used to obtain a multidimensional data report. Furthermore, W-NET5 assists merchants to adjust their business strategy regularly to improve existing products and services and serve customers better.

4) To deal with merchants’ billing processes and complex operations, W-NET5 launches the Easy Scan and electronic invoice self-billing functions to save operating time and costs. In terms of hardware, a 5200 mAh large capacity battery gives 15 days of standby time, enabling merchants to enjoy continuous power during operation.

§ Wiseasy establishes the domestic first enterprise-level application market W-store

As well as producing and selling hardware products, Wiseasy is also an integrated service provider for intelligent terminals, enabling synchronization of products and services. It provides software, operation and other integrated services but is only devoted to the universal basic services.

Wiseasy now has more than 1000 contracted partners and technical partners and more than 1800 officially released business applications. These applications cover the catering, retail, logistics, parking, tourism industries as well as others.

In terms of back-stage management, Wiseasy provides users with cloud terminal management platforms that are capable of being deployed privately. This mainly focuses on users requiring management of a large amount of terminal equipment. The terminal equipment can be Wiseasy devices or a third party-pos manufacturer’s devices.

According to Ma Guowei, the W-store can be used worldwide. With multi-protection to ensure the security of equipment in cloud, Wise Market can support the persistent connection of million-level equipment in performance to push 100,000 notifications concurrently. The system also provides a one-stop shop for management services from data acquisition to application management. This enables users to analyze and manage logs reported on by the device.

§ Wiseasy’s six-layer security protection can comprehensively safeguard a merchant’s payment security!

On the security front, Wiseasy has launched the “Wiseasy Shield” security system. This includes six levels of security, being “device physical security”, “operating system security”, “application program security”, “information storage security”, “data communication security” and “dynamic security service”. The six levels of security together provide comprehensive protection of the merchant’s payment security.

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