Wiseasy 8th Anniversary, we have infinite possibilities!

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is a magic number.

In the eyes of the Orientals, it represents luck and wealth;

In the eyes of Westerners, it symbolizes regeneration and resurrection;

In a different way,

It becomes a magical symbol



Wiseasy has passed its 8th year.

November 22,2020, Wiseasy held its 8th Anniversary, themed to Infinity and Beyond. Wiseasy employees and digital industry leaders gathered together to share the latest industry trend and learn new knowledge!

A letter to Wiseasy staffs

Surprise is never absent on the anniversary. On the check-in wall, letters to Wiseasy staffs are affixed, which convey best wishses to them.

Secondary ignition

Due to the pandemic, Wiseasy has passed through very difficult times. But we never stop the step to move forward. In this year, we constantly try, constantly challenge, constantly break through the boundary. On the ceremony, Wiseasy CEO and business line leaders presented their speeches.

Evolution is an acceleration of speed, when time begins. Only a second ignition can push the rocket to a higher orbit. In Mr. Li Yan’s opinion, Wiseasy is going through the second ignition. Over the past years, the first stage rocket has pushed us to a height, and now we need to find the booster point of the second stage on the curve of the next stage. We need to fully burn our first class rocket while preparing the second class rocket.

In the future, Wiseasy will take financial services for all as its mission, become the world’s leading digital bank builder, serve more countries and populations, and promote economic development and social equity. We will continue to develop the old battlefield of intelligent financial terminals, and at the meantime, we will develop a new battlefield of digital banking solutions.

Wiseasy Vice President and Wiseasy IOT President Wang Jisen shared the experience of participating in the three axes training camp, and released the future strategy of Wiseasy: management upgrade, strategic promotion, enterprise development.

Wang Huidi, General Manager of Wiseasy -Business AI Division, pointed out: Wiseasy is changing from guerrilla warfare to frontal battlefield. In order to survive, the front battlefield is the final decision to win or lose. So after our overall sales construction and solution construction, there will be a frontal battlefield.

Yuan Xue, co-founder and vice president of Wiseasy and president of Paycoo+, made an overseas and domestic business outlook from another dimension through simple strokes. He said: now the changes in banks are just beginning, cloud computing, Internet of things, big data technology is just mature, we need to solve the needs of financial services. So for domestic business, we want to develop from channel business to digital banking business; for overseas business, we will also develop from device to payment scenario.

Wiseasy Open Class

At this time, we invited the director of Active Education Center of active psychology research of Tsinghua University, vice director of happiness science and technology laboratory (H-lab) of Tsinghua University, Ni Zijun, director of Beijing happiness public welfare foundation, cultural scholar, Wenchuang investor Guo Hao and management Doctor Dong Jing to share the theme from the perspective of happiness science, Chinese traditional colors and digital transformation of retail banks.

The pace of life in modern society can be said to be faster and faster, every workplace has a time of physical and mental exhaustion. At the scene, Ni said: many people at the expense of happiness in the pursuit of success, and believe that success is happiness. Ni did a test on happiness for Wiseasy employees, and said: happiness is the highest goal in life. We have to rebuild the Copernicus theory about life and focus on happiness. As long as happiness comes, success will follow.

Color itself is a beautiful and wonderful existence. Chinese color is the way Chinese see the world. Behind the color lies the Chinese aesthetic taste and the philosophical wisdom of the ancient East. He and another author, Li Jianming, looked through more than 400 documents and nearly half a ton of The Imperial Palace atlas and found that in ancient times, water, sky, vegetation, utensils, food… Few can not be used as color words by the Chinese. At the same time, he also introduced the connotation of various Chinese traditional colors, he said: aesthetics is not art, aesthetics is the ability to discover, appreciate and create beauty.

Recently, the word digital transformation is very popular, the digital age has broken the customer boundary, we can see that the leading banks in the international and domestic are beginning to invest in the digital transformation. At the meeting, management doctor Dong Jingdong brought “A Few Thinking on Retail Banks Digital Transformation “.

Mutual growth

Wiseasy 8 years cannot be separated from each employee in the company. On this memorable day, Wiseasy carefully prepared trophies and gifts for employees who severed the company for more than five years, to  thank them for their perseverance and dedication.

2020 is a year of opportunity and challenge

In the society of increasing competition,

Wiseasy choose to look at the future with insights.

We firmly believe through continuously going beyond

we will have infinite possibilities.