What is Wiseasy PayCloud?

Wiseasy PayCloud, a one-stop mobile payment solution with tailored merchant application and management portal that support multiple mobile wallet systems simultaneously. Its transaction processing system supports enormous transactions and flexible expansion, merchant and agent management system can realize acquiring services of multilayer agents and chain merchant accounts. Comes with a unified payment gateway and advanced container technology that enables flawless remote deployment on the cloud. It is a complete payment solution for banks and acquiring institutions.

What we provide

Digital Wallet Aggregation

Achieve the aggregation of mainstream digital wallets, including local and foreign e-wallets

Unified Payment Gateway

Through the platform to realize the aggregation of various mobile payments, to generate a unified online-offline payment interface and static payment QR code

Open API Design

Payment interface is designed based on Open API and provides a unified interface document, which is convenient for merchants or third-party institutions to call the interface in a variety of ways

Operation platform

The modular operation service platform is provided to meet the different operation needs of institutions, merchants and agents

Our advantages

We make payment a cloud service

Compatible with multiple cloud service platforms

AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud

Conform to the global unified payment standard

EMVCo QR code payment standard, PCI-DSS standard

Fast response operation and maintenance services

Container technology is used to realize rapid deployment and update maintenance of the system

Flexible deployment designed

Based on the design of cloud system architecture, it supports public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and localized deployment