About Paycoo+

Paycooplus Co., Ltd was established in January 2016. The company prides itself in payment operation services, payment technology research and artificial intelligence application innovation. The company has also reached strategic cooperation with major financial institutions and large telecom carriers at home and abroad. Up to now, the company has provided services to more than 200,000 merchants in the service industry, covering retail, hotel, catering, aviation, e-commerce, etc.

Core Business

Acquiring System

Unified Barcode Payment Platform

Mobile Wallet

Core Team

Yuan Xue


Yuan received his bachelor degree of finance from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 2005. He has rich experience in finance and payment industries, and has worked for China UnionPay for 12 years.

From 2007 to 2016, he served as project manager and product manager in Electronic Payment Research Academy of China UnionPay, marketing supervisor of China UnionPay Sichuan Branch, director of Market Development Office of Mobile Payment Department of China UnionPay, and director of Chengdu Innovation Base, Product Department of China UnionPay, etc.
During this period, he took full charge of solution to public payment for China UnionPay, marketing and expansion of innovation business, and innovated application of mobile payment business in e-commerce and other industries. In addition, he was involved in developing China UnionPay Revenue Sharing System, China UnionPay Bonus Point Exchange System, and China UnionPay Micro and Small-sized E-commerce Service System.

Yuan Xue joined Wiseasy in 2016 and has served as the co-founder and Vice President of Wiseasy and the President of Paycoo+ since then.

Yan Hao

Vice President

Yan Hao graduated from Chengdu Information & Technology University. He had worked for China UnionPay Sichuan branch, he was responsible for the promotion of China UnionPay mobile payment business in Sichuan and the construction of Sichuan financial IC card platform and other innovative projects.

Yan Hao joined Paycoo+ in January 2016 as the vice President and later became the founding partner of the company, responsible for the cooperation and negotiation between payment institutions and the market expansion of payment business. He once served as the manager of the operation center of Wiseasy from 2016 to 2017, completed the construction of the operation center from scratch, and built the first operation system for the whole Wiseasy group. During his tenure, he had experienced such major historical events as bankcard “96 price reform” in 2016 and WeChat Alipay switch, and had rich experience in payment operation. In terms of payment business, he improved the payment market channel resources through access to the payment channel, participated in and carried out the marketing promotion of “Wang QRpay”, “Wang Innpay” and other innovative payment products, and achieved certain results. At present, he is mainly responsible for the development of Paycoo+ international business.

Zhao Xingyun

Vice President

Zhao Xingyun, graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Technology Software Engineering of the University of Electronic Science and Technology, with a master degree. As the co-founder of Paycoo+, she is the Vice President of CTO, and the Chief engineer of Wiseasy. Ms. Zhao Xingyun is in charge of product development, R & D and operation of Paycoo+.

Zhao Xingyun worked in China UnionPay Electronic Payment Research Institute, Mobile Payment Department and Product Department and won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the People’s Bank of China (provincial and ministerial level), and won many awards of excellent employees, outstanding employees and excellent projects, and was selected into the core talent pool. Zhao Xingyun also served for Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation and ChengDu Ganide Technology Co., Ltd.. She was the testing director of 3GHLR products during the period of ZTE, and won the company honors for many times. She was the chief engineer of several confidential projects during the period of Ganide Technology.