About Wiseasy AI Business Unit

Wiseasy AI Business Unit is an independent branch and wholly-owned subsidiary of Wiseasy Group, focusing on the exploration of big data and the application of AI technology in business and engineering environments.Based on Wiseasy Group’s business smart terminal product capability, technical foundation, and data accumulation, the unit conducts R&D and business exploration, involving technologies such as facial recognition, voice processing, and cross-applications of infrared, camera, voice, touch screen, etc.

With the commitment to developing intelligent automated business terminals of the next generation, Wiseasy AI Business Unit utilizes in-depth learning, machine learning and big data analysis to deliver the services related to advertising and membership marketing etc.

Core Business

Facial Recognition Membership

Face Recognition Advertisement

Target Advertisement on Receipt

Core Team

Li Yan

Since co-founding of Beijing Emay Softcom Technology Ltd. in 2002, Li has dedicated to research and practice on China mobile commerce industry. The business model of “Selling for Three Times” he created has explored a practicable business path for early practice of mobile business in China. After that, he received two consecutive huge investments in 2004 and 2005 separately from IDG Capital which is a world-known venture capital institution. Emay Softcom acquired investment from Experian Group, the world-wide biggest credit bureau (component stock of Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index ) in 2011, and merged with Shenzhen Infogem Technologies Co., Ltd, an A-share listed company on December 5, 2014.

In 2012, Li stopped being the CEO, and became director of Beijing Emay Softcom Technology Ltd. In November of the same year, he restarted his business and set up Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd.

His professional and profound research on mobile e-commerce have been widely acclaimed in the sector, including the theory of “Integration of Four Identities” proposed by him, the issue of identity carrying in O2O, and research on half-life period transmission of posted information on microblog. As a researcher in Thinker Works, an independent think tank in China, he often contributes to IT media and telecom professional media, playing an active role in promoting the knowledge of application technologies and mobile e-commerce in China.