Wiseasy Launched WiseSchool Solution in 9 Schools in Thailand

In the digital era, campus management should move towards digital campus as well. How to manage all the facilities and services with a relatively low cost and high efficiency is a problem faced by the school management team. Considering such actual market demand, and based on the cashless payment scenarios, Wiseasy put forward WiseSchool solution, which enables schools to set up a complete digital management system.

Based on cashless payment scenario, WiseSchool solution empowers the functions of campus card, recharge, offline settlement mode ect.. School management teams, students and merchants have access to the appropriate entrance. At the same time, parents APP bind to student cards, parents can track campus attendance and consumption, but also can recharge their children’s cards. School management teams, students and merchants have access to the system through appropriate entrance.

So far, Wiseasy has successfully provided 9 schools in Thailand with WiseSchool solution, which is a integrated solution composed with Wiseasy’s flagship product WISENET5 and AI service terminal WISEBOT3 and software. The teachers can manage students’ accounts and cards, such as card open, bind, block and recharge. Students can either swipe their cards or scan their face in front of the camera on the Wiseasy’s device and the attendance record will be generated for parents and teachers to check on their ends. When collecting payment, the merchant keypad to enter the price, and price shows on screens. Student swipes the card to pay, and then merchant checks the payment record and settlement records.

At the same time, the school teachers can maintain the basic information about the campus, manage the account and role authorization, query the reconciliation report and download reports on the computer through this system, which provides a campus comprehensive operation situation on one screen.

Connection, cashless and convenience are the keys to build the infrastructure of e-campus. In the future, Wiseasy will bring digital and smart solution to more schools around the world.