Jin Xiangtong

In response to the targeted poverty alleviation and promotion of inclusive finance, Wiseasy cooperated with the Construction Bank Hunan Branch, China UnionPay Hunan Branch, and China Unicom Hunan Branch, and launched the Jin Xiangtong civilian service. Based on the intelligent commercial terminal of Wiseasy, a new “merchant financial communication logistics” platform is built through the co-establishment of the multi-function service point with the partner, so that the channel and the resource integration are realized.

By adopting WPOS, Jin Xiangtong financial service outlets are able to bring more mobile financial services to the rural customers, and actively build the rural financial ecological circle, so that the farmers can enjoy the financial service without being out of the household. The service point can not only provide traditional financial services such as agricultural withdrawal, small deposits, transfer, credit card consumption, payment, etc., but also provide non-financial services such as SIM card processing, telephone fee payment, Unicom electronic coupon consumption, logistics distribution and transit services. WPOS not only meets the needs of rural customers to withdraw small funds, but also forms the marketing mode of “WPOS + Jin Xiangtong Card + Mobile Bank”, which opens up the last mile of county service.

As of the end of July,2016, 377 villages and towns have opened Jinxiangtong service outlet, covering more than 80% of the villages and towns in Hengyang area. At present, the use of Jinxiangtong is good, especially for the payment of electricity and the water supply function. As of the end of July, more than 200 households have opened Jinxiangtong accounts, with a total of 7115 transactions, a transaction amount of 2281 million yuan, and a payment of 2679 with a transaction amount of RMB 348200.

In order to better serve the rural customers, Wiseasy will continue to optimize the various functions of Jinxiangtong, such as the payment of social security fees, and provide better service for rural customers.