Recently, Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd. and the China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “CMIOT “) reached a strategic cooperation, and both parties will establish a long-term cooperative relationship in the business intelligence terminal project in the field of Internet of Things, and realize the innovation and integration of intelligent science and technology and business operation.

Verizon report once pointed out: the Internet of things has been changing retailing. It can make the in-store shopping experience more personalized and convenient.

89% of manufacturing pioneers believes that IOT help them gain a better insight into customer preferences and behavior.
77% of retailers believe the IOT can change the consumer experience of users.
84% percent of retailers say the value of consumers lies in exchanging information to improve their shopping experience.
77% of pioneers believe the IOT is creating new opportunities and new partnerships for the product and service dimensions of customers.

WPOS-MINI is the main product of the cooperation with CMIOT. Its unique “PUSH-TALK” function can be implemented in the local area network, multiple devices can call at any time and can meet one-to-one communication. The device is more convenient, smaller, to collect payment at any time, which reduces customers’ waiting time, and improves the customers; experience.

WPOS-MINI has full channel cash register, which is fully compatible with encrypted magnetic stripe card, financial IC card, NFC, BLE, sonic, sweep code and other payment methods. Background management system function supports order system, member management, card voucher production, points management, group purchase and pick up goods, online booking, take-out orders and other e-commerce business, with the back-end CRM system instant access to the scene. These functions can give merchants a better insight into customer preferences and behavior, let the Internet of things business intelligence terminal change retail is not empty talk.

The CMIOT card is based on the Internet of things special network, adopts the exclusive number segment of the Internet of things, supports short message, wireless data communication, voice and other basic communication services through the special network element equipment, and provides intelligent channel services such as communication state management and communication authentication. By default, the Internet of things special SMS access service number and the Internet of things general APN. are opened.

Based on the features of WPOS-MINI, the combination of the CMOIT card and WPOS-MINI can provide more intelligent communication services. This cooperation is the leading and future broad market of the commercial intelligent terminal in the industry, as well as the first layout of the business end application scene of the future Internet of things.