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How to find the most suitable type of advertising

by Ms. Wang Yaxue
Senior Marketing Director


I have seen an advertisement from a bank in Taiwan before: five elderly people, who have lost their loved ones and are ill, are forced into helpless by life. Finally, at the funeral of another old friend, they decided not to bow to fate. They rode the dusty motorcycles and followed the dreams of their youth like knights.

The touching scenes, exciting soundtrack and excellent acting skills and no brand information throughout the advertisement make me believe that the core message to convey is to pass the power of life to the audience. For a long time, I thought it was a public service advertisement.

Of course, if this bank is a very well-known brand, it’s also possible for me to capture the very implicit advertising and brand logo at the end of the ad. But unfortunately, it’s not a well-known brand. I don’t know anything about it. Apart from the moving and inspirational story, it has no effect on the promotion of brand marketing, not even try to connect to the bank.

Although this advertisement has been liked and praised by many people, if a brand has not reach the maturity and influence of a certain degree, I do not recommend the use of this kind of advertising without exclusive imprint (if remove the logo of the last second, it can be associated with more than dozens of brands or categories, and can not form a one-on-one association in the audiences’ minds). We are often moved by some warm advertisements in Thailand, but how many Thai brands are really remembered by us?

So, which brands is more appropriate to use this kind of advertisement? The characteristic of this kind of advertisement is to convey the connotation of brand or the content of brand idea, so that the audience and brand have a strong emotional resonance and form a deep sense of inner identity. Although it is difficult to achieve the role of brand awareness, it can resonate in people who are familiar with the brand. For example, Coca Cola, GE, Adidas, Nike and so on, are very good at using this kind of brand advertising.

How should start-ups or brands with limited influences select the ways of form of advertisement presentations and content presentations? There are several ways to make a reference:
First of all, find the sharpest “thorn”

Melatonin used “the best gift for the holiday is Melatonin” to put the product in the gift position; at the early stage of the Shenzhou brand, “travel at night, Shenzhou is safer” was used to play security card; OPPO mobile phone used “charge 5 minutes, call 2 hours” to stress the VOOC flash charging technology; all these brands have a strong brand awareness and adopted another way to quickly find a breakthrough to penetrate the mind of users.
Secondly, repeat, repeat and repeat!

For brands, especially start-up brands, the first task is to let the audience know “who am I?” Although brainwashing repetitive advertising is simple and rough, it is very effective in attracting attention and strengthening memory. A typical example is the Marquis Travel Photography advertisement in which a group of newly married people in wedding dresses and suites, with a pink sign, shouting “wedding photograph”, ” the Marquis”, and “Where do you want to photo, the Marquis is your best choice.” With these repeated slogans, the ads, both visually and in the sense of hearing, catch people’s attention. In the same way, the Boss Direct, Marcello, and so on. A few years ago, when Wiseasy launched the first POS machine, the selected start-up voice used the “POS, POS, and WPOS, use WPOS to make payments”, the original intention is to use this kind of brainwashing way, to quickly seize the users’ attention, and let the merchants think of the “WPOS” when buying POS machines.

But it should be noted that for brands that have a certain degree of popularity and high brand tone, this kind of simple, rough and repetitive advertising is not appropriate. Therefore, when Zhihu, which is positioned as a service platform, chooses this kind of marketing mode, it is very surprising. After all, this kind of “annoying” way is completely out of tune with the aloof style that Zhihu has established. But Pinduoduo use brainwashing songs, which is just appropriate to the brand image.

Thirdly, entertainment comes first? As long as you have the budget.

Of course, if the start-up brand is relatively rich in funds, you can spend money to name some TV shows, insert brand information in films and television dramas, and invite traffic stars to endorse, and so on, which is also a way to get brand awareness quickly. But there are great risks to the success of this approach. It is difficult for us to determine which TV show or which film and television show will certainly catch on. It may be necessary to choose multiple platforms, multiple programs or movies and TV shows at the same time, and the investment behind this is not what the average start-up company can afford.