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Inclusive financial rights are an important part of eliminating social inequality and realizing the basic rights of citizens in modern society. How can we provide a wealth of financial service products to the public more conveniently? How can more areas be more effectively covered with such rights so that people in remote areas of the cash society can enjoy the same services as the urban population at a low cost? Obviously, the traditional service mode and system, as well as the backward technical level and terminal equipment, cannot achieve this change.

As the inventor and pioneer of the next generation intelligent financial terminal, Wiseasy hopes to help banks, electronic payment companies and other financial institutions to achieve low-cost business network coverage and mobile Internet-based business system construction through innovative technologies and products. We believe that hardcore Fintech can not only bring convenience to the public, but also change the fate of some people through financial equity. We will make long-term efforts to this end and keep innovation!

Li Yan

Company Vision

Utilize hardcore Fintech innovation to reshape the commercial data network, and create a complete new digital eco-system for entity commerce.

Company Mission

Utilize hardcore technology to liberate workforces and enhance work efficiency and productivity.

Company Value

We are committed to utilizing courage, excellence, responsibility, and shared growth in our work.

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We are headquartered in Beijing with branches, R&D, and production centers across 10 cities. Wiseasy products are exported to over 114 countries and regions.

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