WPOS is Marching to the World Stage – Mobile World Congress

Barcelona | Spain

At the Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC 2016) in Barcelona, which is called the “indicator of the mobile communications industry”, the Chinese mobile finance solution provider – Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd. (Wiseasy) – is shining brilliantly on this world stage with its cutting-edge product “WPOS”, which shows the strong momentum of the Internet in China. Senior executives bring WANG POS to MWC 2016.

MWC has always been a stage of intense competition among device vendors, and “WPOS” exhibited at MWC 2016 marks an important milestone for made-in-china smart finance devices marching onto the world stage of communications. China is showing to the world its ambitions and achievements in leading the evolution of mobile finance technologies.

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo and Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop used to be frequent visitors at MWC. “WPOS”, the inventor and leader of Internet POS, was invited by both China Unicom and Qualcomm to the show as their successful examples of cooperation. Wiseasy Panorama’s exhibition team is led by Lin Chen, co-founder and co-CEO of the company, along with senior hardware experts and engineers led by Ma Guowei, chief engineer of Wiseasy Panorama’s R&D center. They are demonstrating the cutting-edge technologies and system of WPOS at MWC.

WPOS is demonstrating world’s first “Internet POS core board”

Wiseasy is demonstrating its world’s first Qualcomm-based “Internet POS core board” at MWC 2016. This smart and secure core board meets the requirements of smart devices for high-performance computing, supports various communication technologies such as TDD LTE and FDD LTE, and features a unique secure chip design dedicated to financial services.

Wiseasy  launched world’s first Internet POS in 2014, and its product WPOS-3, which is the first full-touch POS, passed the new security standard certification of China Unionpay in 2015. The Internet POS core board is an achievement of cooperation between Wiseasy and Qualcomm which has provided the company with many underlying proprietary technologies as well as strong support for chip technologies. Wiseasy  is once again taking the lead in the industry of business intelligent terminals. This Chinese company is not only demonstrating its leading technologies on a world stage, but also embracing the open spirit of the Internet to announce that it will be open to technological cooperation with all POS vendors, working together with manufacturers of traditional POS to upgrade their products, and sharing with them the opportunities and benefits brought by the added-value services of Internet POS.

WPOS in Qualcomm’s booth

WANG POS works closely with China Unicom to explore the new blue sea of the financial IoT

At MWC 2016, many multinational companies is showing great interest in WANG POS, and executives from China Unicom has highly appreciated the international debut of WPOS, communicated with Mr. Lin Chen and promised to enhance communication and develop more diversified IoT services.

WPOS is attracting overseas businessmen

Joining forces with large companies to embed communications into finance

Wiseasy is bringing mobile finance into a diversified field, and communication and financial innovations are providing us with mere secure and efficient channels. WPOS is more than a POS. It incorporating payment and O2O e-commerce features, can address credit risk control challenges in China’s future inclusive finance, and will provide access to business data of entities to solve information asymmetry in the financial sector. This disruptive innovation has immense commercial value.

“Wiseasy brings WPOS to MWC 2016 for more businesses to discover huge business opportunities of mobile finance,” said Lin Chem. ”We hope that more and more businesses will further understand and march into the blue sea of mobile finance. Only then can we drive the industry chain and adoption more rapidly and stably just like the booming smartphone industry. We can expand the imaginary space of the industry through integration, innovation and creation of an ecosystem.”