Wiseling Soundbox—We listen & You pay

Beijing | China

Wiseling is a brand new “smart cash register” soundbox launched by Wiseasy in 2020. From big chain stores to small breakfast shops, Wiseling handles cash register broadcast with ease.

Broadcasting on the code

With the aggregate code sticker, after the successful collection of merchants, Wiseling broadcasts the amount of money received immediately, effectively eliminating missing or losing of orders.

Breaking through the noise with a loud speaker

High sound volume and high power. Up to 110 dB speaker allows volume adjustments based on the application scenarios. Even in a noisy environment, the details of each collection can be heard clearly.

Super capacity battery, 400 hours standby!

2000 mAh large battery, 400 hours of extra long life to meet the full day use requirements.

Adjustable dip design, for flexible hanging or tabletop placement

Small, lightweight body minimizes space occupation. Adjustable dip panel design customizes the most suitable for customer to scan the code.

In addition, the design with wall holes and hanging rope makes it easy to suspend on various places, such as a fast food restaurant, small vegetable market, milk tea shop, convenience store, breakfast shop, snack street, and even taxi, night market vendors.

Unlimited application possibilities in various scenarios

With an open, neutral message system, Wiseling focuses on real-time message broadcast. In addition to the payment collection scenario, it brings unlimited application possibilities in various scenarios.