Wiseasy Sponsors MPE2021, Shares Its Latest Products & Services

Overseas | Europe

Feb 22nd, 2021, the largest payments acceptance conference MPE (Merchant Payments Ecosystem) shifted online. The global leading digital banking and payment provider Wiseasy participated in MPE as a sponsor and speaker.

In the past year, many changes have been triggered by the pandemic. Digitalization has been identified as a trend going forward, amplified and accelerated through customer behavior in the circumstance of the pandemic. This year, MPE is fully digitalized, and has welcomed 1000+ attendees and 30+ exhibitors to the event. As a sponsor, Wiseasy has brought its digitized solutions and products to the conference.

To share insights on how merchants can adapt and keep up with digitalization, Lindsay Wang, Vice President of Wiseasy, spoke at the conference with a presentation on Smart Terminal for the Merchant. Starting with her personal experience, Lindsay first points out 3 major problems in the contemporary merchant operation scene, that are multiple payment methods, multiple order sources, and diverse promotions. However, these can no longer be the case with Wiseasy’s smart POS terminal.

At the conference, Lindsay showcased Wiseasy’s full series of smart terminals. The company also offers one-stop smart POS customization service (ODM) for clients so hardware, software, and even cloud platforms can be tailored to different needs and requirements. Meanwhile, it comes with ERP,CRM, social marketing, Buy Now Pay Later services and tools. Merchants can receive a full integration of digitized commercial scenes via ODM.

Another important segment of Wiseasy’s vision is digital banking. Lindsay was generous to share Wiseasy’s digital banking infrastructure and how it manages to foster digital banking services via digitized banking terminals, and safe yet powerful software.



Lindsay also shared prime case studies of Wiseasy’ partners to showcase Wiseasy’s ahead-of-the-industry solutions. For instance, Canada’s SnapPay is now using the Wiseasy Acquiring System to serve merchants and acquirers of diverse industries with multidimensional payment scenarios.

At Wiseasy’s virtual booth, visitors will learn about Wiseasy’s digital banking solutions, which include Wiseasy Wallet, Wiseasy Agency Banking Solution, and Wiseasy Acquiring System. Wiseasy’s smart terminals, software, and cloud platform, namely its 3-in-1 solution aims to deliver fast, stable and efficient docking services and implementation. Wiseasy delegates have received numerous meeting requests from target clients throughout the conference, enough to keep them busy!

As the global digital banking and payment provider, Wiseasy is hoping to dive deep into the European market, understand merchant and client’s demands and needs to innovate more products and services and contribute to the digitization of payments and banking.