Wiseasy PAYCOO+ popularizes acceptance of digital currency in China

China | Beijing

PAYCOO+ is a subsidiary of Wiseasy Group. The company prides itself for its great work in mobile payment business operation in the APAC region. Powered by the Wiseasy Acquiring System, PAYCOO+ now supports the capability of handling enormous transactions of QR code payment in China.


Dedicating to payment operation, payment technology innovation, and AI research, PAYCOO+ carries out great numbers of innovative applications in terms of payment scenario products, post-payment services and data services. By using the one-stop payment solution named Wiseasy Acquiring System, PAYCOO+ supports both online and offline payment methods that are commonly used, and is applicable for a wide variety of payment scenarios.

Wiseasy Acquiring System is a comprehensive solution that combines platform, product, operation, and maintenance. This cloud based payment platform empowers PAYCOO+ partners to build their own mobile payment operation systems and services, making it possible for them to process enormous transactions numbers. More specifically, it supports up to 700,000 transactions per day, 50,000,000 transaction amounts per day.

Wiseasy Acquiring System provides software service for all financial institutions, for instance, banks/acquirers, payment service agencies, and payment technology service providers. Using the Acquiring System on PAYCOO+, the latter can set up a complete mobile payment service system for banks and other acquiring institutions, which can be deployed remotely through the cloud server to quickly realize the application of QR code payment business in the overseas market.

Supporting over 20 payment methods (credit/debit card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and more), Wiseasy Acquiring System makes PAYCOO+ the ultimate all-inclusive payment solution for international tourists and local residents in China. Till this day, PAYCOO+ has formed partnerships with hundreds of leading brands in China. Some prime examples include Huawei and Xiaomi, payment partners include UnionPay, Mastercard, Visa and more. PAYCOO+ has furnished over 100,000 domestic and international merchants across a huge variety of industries with smooth and easy-to-manage payment platforms.