Wiseasy Certified As UnionPay International Third Party Service Provider

Beijing | China

As of July 2021, Wiseasy has been officially registered as a UnionPay International Third Party Payment Service Provider (UPI TPSP) with two services, namely the System Operator category for QRC acquiring and the Digital Wallet Operator category for Pass-through QRC wallet.

Cooperating with over 2,400 institutions worldwide, the UnionPay card global acceptance network now operates actively in 180 countries and regions. UnionPay cards have been issued in 70 countries and regions. With innovative payment products such as UnionPay contactless payment “Quick Pass” and UnionPay QR code payment, UnionPay International aims to provide premium, efficient and safe cross-border payment services for the world’s largest cardholders. It also offers convenient and localized services for wide overseas UnionPay cardholders.

Certified as a QRC Acquiring System operator, Wiseasy offers a one-stop mobile payment solution that supports multiple digital wallet system management simultaneously. The solution presents itself as a perfect complete payment operation solution for UnionPay International’s QR scheme by offering a transaction processing system that enables flexible and enormous QR code transactions, seamless merchant and agent management systems that realize QR code acquiring services of complex agents and merchant accounts. This service is provided by a cloud-based SaaS platform with a high level of flexibility and security, which is popular with international service providers, banks and other financial institutions.

Digital wallet is fundamental for banks and institutions to digitize accounts, businesses and operating platforms. With the digital wallet operator certification, Wiseasy will provide a cloud based digital wallet mobile app and business management portals to allow users, especially the unbanked population, to perform basic financial services as well as value-added services. These services include UnionPay account opening, cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer, mobile top-up, contactless payments and more. Having been adapted successfully in dozens of schools in Thailand, the Wiseasy wallet hopes to benefit more countries and regions worldwide with its safe, convenient, and fast services.

This registration has made Wiseasy one of the very few payment service providers to be certified as two types of TPSPs simultaneously. This will continue to contribute to Wiseasy’s international expansion of UnionPay card digital wallet and QR code acquiring services so merchants and financial institutions worldwide can expect to benefit from the company’s innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and services.