Wiseasy Awarded 2020 Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Providers in APAC

Overseas | United States

As one of the leading digital banking and payment providers in the world, Wiseasy thrives to innovate and promote digital financial solutions. Just about a few days ago, Banking CIO Outlook, which is a banking technology magazine based in the US, presented Wiseasy with the prestigious 2020 Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Providers in APAC certificate. This certificate is a big milestone for the company and testimony for its hard work and efforts in pioneering and  promoting the digitalized age.  

As the trend towards technology transformation advances, digital services and transactions have gradually gained popularity and acceptance in recent years.  Li Yan, CEO and Founder of Wiseasy, claims that bank branches are no longer a necessity for customers to realize their financial needs. With the push of pandemic, digital banking is now up and across the board. Studies have found that over 60% of Americans are more inclined to switch to digital solutions to realize their financial needs post-COVID. 

Wiseasy has developed a variety of innovative products and services, including Mobile Wallet, Agency Banking, and Acquiring Platform, all of which contribute to bridge the digital relationship between clients and their financial needs and build a cashless society. 

Read the CEO’s interview with Banking CIO Outlook here: https://mobile-banking-apac.bankingciooutlook.com/vendor/wiseasy-the-gateway-into-a-new-world-go-digital-with-wiseasy-cid-888-mid-92.html