Unionpay Issues Handheld Cloud Work Terminal Security Certification, Wiseasy Leads the Industry Again

Beijing | China

On June 13, 2017, China Unionpay (CUP) signed and issued No. PP3681 “Certificate of Unionpay Card Acceptance Terminal Product Security Certification” for the handheld cloud work terminal in China—WPOS-MINI is independently developed and designed by Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd. This means that WPOS-MINI is currently the first and the only handheld cloud work terminal certified by the China Unionpay New Security System (V2.0).

Being the first, Wiseasy leads the industry again in China

Getting the certification for WPOS-MI, this product, Wiseasy  becomes another pioneer in the industry and another category innovation in the field of commercial smart terminals since WPOS ‘s certification of the full touch-screen Internet POS and WPOS-TAB ‘s security certification of commercial tablets. Internet technology and intelligent hardware design rewrote the history of POS terminals. Also, working smart terminals, either tablets or handheld devices, are being redefined and undergoing all-round changes. Far-ahead-of-the-industry high security and high reliability of commercial smart terminal WPOS-MI launched by Wiseasy   will be widely applied to various business scenarios, combine its applications in the industry with transactions and payments, and incorporate financial services into business as an important carrier.

In recent years, China’s achievements in the aspect of mobile payment have caught the attention of the world. Previously, to arrange the distribution of the mobile payment market,  Unionpay produced Internet + thinking products and services such as cloud Quick Flash, cloud POS, Unionpay wallet, Unionpay QR code, etc. This time, Unionpay first issued the certificate of security certification for cloud work terminals, which is seen in the industry as a new move of China Unionpay to actively adapt to the development and change of the market and to be compatible with Internet application scenarios.

Technology-driven cloud work terminals

“Compared with traditional terminals, the Wang MI handheld cloud work terminal is the  data source of cloud computing, even the portal of cloud service and the port of business intelligence output. Such an open platform based on the intelligent operating system and the Internet can achieve closed and safe data processing, which can guarantee the security of financial transactions and also meet open business on the online platform,” said Ma Guowei, co-founder, vice president and chief engineer of Wiseasy. The security of Wang MI has been highly recognized by the authority of Unionpay, for the device adopts the new generation of banking hardware security chips, with tear-down self-destruction functions, for once the machine is taken apart, it will automatically format all data codes and effectively prevent the information of consumers’ bank cards from leaking out. At the same time, Wang MI is highly integrated with such functions as bank card payment, scan code, IP intercom, meal order, etc., and, as a professional device of personal mobile office, will greatly increase the efficiency in on-site operation.

Smart terminals enable multiple application scenarios

As a highly integrated commercial smart terminal, Wang MI has realized the innovation and integration of IT and business operation, and keeps expanding cross-industry scenario applications. In addition to traditional catering and retail business, Wang MI will expand its business to various scenarios of all industries such as smart parking, operators’ mobile phone business halls, sales practices, logistics scheduling, retailing, tallying & stocktaking, etc. What’s more, Wiseasy put forth to serve cooperation partners like software and system integrators in its capacity for business intelligence hardware to jointly develop cooperation strategy in commercial spaces.

“Neither an upgrade of POS machines, nor an innovation of POS category, Wang MI can fuse more powerful commercial terminals with financial and payment ability,” said Li Yan, founder of Wiseasy,” “while keeping launching more innovative products, we pay closer attention to integrating humanized experience into more diverse business scenarios. As China’s leading business intelligence hardware service provider, in the future, we will continue to be committed to setting the new trend of business intelligence technology, carry out a wide range of cooperation with the world’s top suppliers and continue to zero in on the extension and application of business intelligence hardware and service. Our product innovations are not a stack of S & T capability and new features, but we only keep a simple goal in mind — to make our work easier!