Wiseasy Launched Digital Banking Report on Fintech Summit LatAm

Latin America

Hosted by Frecuencia, Fintech Summit LatAm has become one of the most influential events in Latin America. Due to the global pandemic, this year the summit was held online. Mahaveer Shah, Wiseasy’s Chief Business Developer, was invited to the summit and shared Wiseasy’s A Whole New World: Banking’s Digital Future Report with the customers in Latin America.

Mobile wallets and mobile payment are definitely the trends, with more and more wallet coming into the market. Banks need to get prepared to embrace the ongoing digital revolution. Going digital has become a must for banks to meet the growing demand on the convenience, safety, and speed from the customers. Deloitte forecast that almost 50% of world’s population would be using digital banking services by the end of 2021.

Like Mr. Shah mentioned on the summit:” wallet is the key drive for tomorrow’s banks.” There is a clear development path from the use mobile wallets to the provision of fully digital banking services, which can be characterized into four developmental stages as follows:

As the world leading digital banking and payment builder, Wiseasy has devoted to contributing to the digital age through technical innovation. Considering the application scenarios of banks, Mr. Shah introduced an integrated digital banking solution, which includes both hardware such as WPOS-QT, WPOS-TAB, WPOS-3 and a series of software. It’s worthwhile to mention that Wiseasy has been making a great progress in the Latin America with very stable growth in terms of the sales of smart devices and customized services. What we have been doing is to provide a more complete and integrated solution to the bankers, PSPs, and acquirers to contribute to the process of digitalization and financial inclusion of Latin America.

Wiseasy’s digital banking solution includes below software, which meet different demands to provide better banking experience to the customers:

  • Smart Bundle of Android POS with white label multi lingual, Compliant Payment Application and TMS/MDM with KMS on Cloud- WiseBundle
  • Know your customer” and OCR & Biometric based account opening services for Telcos and banks –WiseMatch
  • Cash deposit, withdrawal and remittance with Wallet as a services –WiseWallet
  • Value-added payments (Topup/BillPayments) as a service –WisePay
  • Mobile payments, Bank Card Payments and loyalty programmes –PayCloud
  • AI and ML applied for Faceid Payment as a services – WiseFace
  • Merchant acquiring, accounting and reconciliation as a Service. –WiseMARS

In the background of the pandemic, the growing use of blockchain solutions and digital currencies in financial services, and above all consumer demand for faster and cheaper banking products that can be delivered where and when consumers need them. In the banking industry, going digital is the inevitable trend, which will lead to increased local investment in financial technologies, and that the development of digital banking will be encouraged by governments to enhance national competitiveness and deliver economic benefit.

Wiseasy has always been able to plan ahead and put forward new solutions and products to meet the new market demands. As Mr. Shah noted on the summit: “We believe that hardcore Fintech can not only bring convenience to the public, but also improve people’s lives through better access to financial services. Enabling the digital banking revolution is our passion. ”

An unprecedented revolution is happening in the banks around the world. To get fully prepared and find out what you need to do to prepare, please download the report: https://www.wiseasy.com/industry-insights/