About Mobile Wallet

The system is designed for payment business needs and electronic account needs. Slider Wallet includes a payment and acquiring system, electronic account system, a clearing and settlement platform, business operation platform and related support system. The system includes complete electronic account capacity and mobile payment capacity, with the ability to issue and manage electronic accounts, as well as basic business functions such as recharging, cash withdrawal, transfer and inquiry. The system will provide relevant financial services to merchants, agents and customers.

What we provide

Virtual account system

Provides a complete virtual account system, support account opening, freezing, cancellation, bookkeeping and other main functions.

Wallet application

Provides mobile applications based on android and iOS.

Account tokenization

The account is marked by token technology and offline payment is realized via QR code.

Scenario solutions

Based on our industry experience, we apply QR code technology for various scenarios, realizing the integration of online and offline payment processes – catering, hotels, transportation, membership, etc.