sqm of plant area


production lines of SMT


lines of wave soldering


lines of Box Build


global staff


POS Terminals per Month

All of the above make it possible to provide comprehensive support for ODM and offer high-quality yet cost-efficient production services.

Extensive production management experience. Able to provide high-quality, high-precision, and highly efficient production capacity.

Latest Technology and Infrastructure &
Leading Expertise

Normal process capability covers

  • Ultra-compact chip 01005
  • Varied kinds of BGA
  • PCB sized up to 1068mm*710mm
  • 30 Layers board
  • POP, Flip Chip, Glue and Underfill etc.

Special process capability includes

  • Conformal Coating
  • Potting and etc.

Comprehensive Testing to Rest Your Mind

In Process Test

3D Solder Paste Inspection
Automatic Optical Inspection
X-Ray Inspection
In Circuit Test
First Article Inspection

Reliability Test

Environmental Stress Test
Thermal Shock
Salt Spray Test
Vibration Test
Drop Test

Functional Test

Automatic Test Equipment line
Customized Functional Test
Lab View