• Gas stations, due to special environment requirements, need devices of higher safety level
  • Current payment methods at gas stations, convenience stores, or coffee shops are time-consuming and repetitive
  • Only cash or refuelling card acceptable, payment method needs to be expanded
  • Low customer proximity, and lacks a customer management system
  • Restricted payment method limits value-added services available


  • The chip of Wiseasy P3 is designed and certified to be anti-explosive
  • Wiseasy P3 meets extensive payment scenarios in the gas station, including fuel fees, goods and coffee-buying
  • Wiseasy P3 supports all mainstream payment methods including various bankcard, QR code payment, NFC and other payments
  • Embedded membership management system provides customized member marketing tactics
  • Value-added services such as utilities payments can be provided via Wiseasy P3

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